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Our Concept

Most food historians agree that the only way to cook a side of meat was over a wood-fired hearth and basted and flavoured with what the animal ate. The radiant heat of the fire is an important factor in flavouring and results in much less waste and shrinkage than when food is roasted in an oven. This is the premise upon which Fireside has been created - grilling over a wood-fired hearth, using the purest and finest ingredients from the land and the sea to an exceptional level, to create dishes full of flavour. Our dishes are masterfully cooked over Binchotan charcoal and smoked with the flavours of applewood, lychee and almond firewood.

Binchotan is widely considered to be the best charcoal in the world as it is exceptionally long-burning, odourless and smokeless.


Your choices from the menu are served in your preference of setting, offering a truly spectacular and multi-sensory dining experience.

Our Cuisine

Fireside offers some of the world's most exquisite beef cuts, selected for their exceptional flavour and texture, grilled to perfection overseen by Head Chef Jaime Ortolá. These include highly prized Australian Blackmore Wagyu, known for its rich marbling and buttery texture; a unique salt- and dry-aged, grass-fed beef from Ireland; 15-24 months-old Italian Scottona beef, with a milky and tender texture; and a complex flavoured 9 year-old Spanish Rubia Gallega.


Our beautifully curated menus also include dishes featuring the finest lamb, pork, poultry, seafood and vegetables from sustainable sources around the world.


Our signature main dishes are complemented by a diverse array of creative appetizers, as well as a selection of fine wines from our cellar, especially chosen for the best food pairings by our award-winning expert Sommelier.

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Rediscover Open-fire Dining

Cooking returns to its primal origins, a dance between man and fire. We present to you the naked complexity, and reconnect you with the plate, rekindling the relationship between each rudimentary, yet exceptional ingredient, with unique flavours imparted by the curation of exotic firewood embers.

Our Venue

Diners can select to be seated adjacent to the glowing embers of Fireside’s open kitchen, the centrepiece of which is our signature Mibrasa Parilla and tailor-made brick oven, at the Chef’s Table, or within our elegant private dining room, specifically designed for parties of eight. An al fresco dining experience on the balcony with views over Central is yet another option.


Fireside is conveniently located in the heart of Central on the 5th floor of  H Code.

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