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A Refined Open-Fire Dining Experience

Fireside is a dance between man and fire, and presents the naked complexity of each and every ingredient, demonstrating how every element – from season, soil, to age, feed, and climate – manipulates the ever-changing and dynamic flavour profile of an ingredient. 


The kitchen, the first of its kind in Hong Kong, forgoes modern cooking utilities, and only makes use of an open-fire grill fuelled by select varieties of wood and binchotan, to allow Chef Jaime Ortolá’s culinary team to execute a bare and raw style of cooking. The preparation methods reflect those before traditions and techniques forged cuisines and allow culinary expression to freely roam.

The Venue

Resembling a sophisticated smokehouse, Fireside introduces a revitalizing open kitchen concept, featuring the signature Mibrasa Parilla and tailor-made brick oven. Sit adjacent to the warm, flaming embers and enjoy a raw culinary experience echoing an elevated backyard barbecue, or enjoy an intimate meal in our exclusive private dining room, designed for parties of eight.
Alternatively, enjoy a breezier al-fresco dining experience on the balcony with aerial views of the city below.

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