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Rediscover Open-fire Dining

Cooking returns to its primal origins, a dance between man and fire. We present to you the naked complexity, and reconnect you with the plate, rekindling the relationship between each rudimentary, yet exceptional ingredient, with unique flavours imparted by the curation of exotic firewood embers.

Experience Open-Fire Dining 
Before Cultures & Traditions Forged Cuisines

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The Primal Power of Taste

Our kitchen is the first of its kind in Hong Kong. It forgoes modern cooking utilities, and only makes use of open-fire grills and ovens, fuelled by select varieties of wood and binchotan, to allow Chef Jaime Ortolá’s culinary team to execute a bare and raw style of cooking. Our methods reflect those before traditions and techniques forged cuisines, to allow culinary expression to freely roam.


Fresh fish and seafood travel from harbour to venue within hours, wild & rare breeds of meats are hand-selected and imported from specialised producers, and select vegetables are brought to the flame from local farms.

Prepared By Fireside, Cooked By You.

Recreate the Fireside team's masterful flame-forged dishes from your home kitchen. We are now presenting you with all the tools you need to amaze family and friends at home with our Cooking Sets.

Elevate your home dinner menu with three of our signature dishes: 

No flame required. Our masterful culinary team are experts in the art of smoking and aging. All of the ingredients are prepared at Fireside, using our hand-selected woods to allow you to create the same smokey flavours at home.

Fireside Website redesign.png

"Rediscover Open-fire Dining"

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