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El Capricho x Fireside

4 Hands Dinner

At Fireside we are eagerly anticipating a ‘November to Remember’ with a two-night only exceptional Fireside x Bodega El Capricho four-hands dinner on November 10th and 11th.  Fireside Head Chef Jaime Ortolá and renowned culinary star José Gordón from Bodega El Capricho in Jiménez de Jamuz, Spain – will collaborate to delight diners with a 9-course dinner menu featuring the world-famous beef flown in directly from El Capricho.


Gastronomes, connoisseurs and beef aficionados will take delight in the appreciation of dishes including El Capricho Rump Beef Tartare, Ox Picanha Roast Beef, and the shining star of the menu, José Gordón’s 8 years Old, 130 Days Dry-Aged Ox Chop, El Capricho’s ultimate expression of meat quality.


Highly acclaimed year after year, El Capricho was named as #5 World’s Best Steak Restaurant, and accoladed for producing the “World’s Best Beef” in Netflix’ ‘Steak (R)evolution’.  This event is a rare discovery for Steak lovers, even for seasoned Spain travelers, since the restaurant is a 4 hour trek from Madrid or San Sebastian.


9-course dinner menu

HK$3,188 +10% service charge per person


Friday, November 10th - only FEW available

Saturday, November 11th - SOLD OUT

from 6 to 10 pm 

(Link to menu here)


For further information and reservations,

please call us or send us a Whatsapp message at 

 6610 8689

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José Gordón personally oversees the care of the oxen at El Capricho where they roam freely, feeding on the endless grasslands where aromatic herbs such as thyme, rosemary and lavender also grow bountifully. Additionally, they graze on grains and dried grasses from the León pastures, which bring special nuances to the meat. Exercise and resistance to weather conditions also contribute to the quality of the meat in a way that could never be achieved through a sedentary life in a barn…


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